Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Ready to quit smoking after many failed attempts? Are you tired of the smell, the hassle and physical risks of smoking? Is your body starting to scream at you “STOP NOW!”? Hypnosis is a simple and effective option to ditch the habit for good. Our results-driven program has helped hundreds of people like you escape smoking forever.

At Kawartha Hypnosis, we help you replace the positive intention that smoking serves you with healthier suggestions. This method ensures that all your subconscious needs are met, helping to prevent urges to smoke. See our blog page for an article on the Positive Intentions of Smoking.  It is never too late to feel the gratifying relief of quitting! Make the decision to stop smoking with hypnosis!

Benefits of Hypnosis for Smokers

More Energy

After quitting smoking, the carbon monoxide that carries oxygen in your blood lowers. This change allows more oxygen to reach your brain, improving bodily functions and boosting alertness and energy.

Improved Immune System

Smoking causes your immune system to weaken, making the body more susceptible to illnesses, such as the common cold or flu. Quitting allows your immune system to remain healthy and fight off unwanted sickness.

Longer Life Expectancy

Studies have shown that if a person stops smoking by age 30, their life expectancy can increase by ten years. Even if a smoker is 60 years old, quitting can still add three years to their life!

Better Breathing

Within nine months of giving up smoking, lung capacity can increase by up to ten percent. Perform daily tasks without the loss of breath and reduce the risks of “smoker’s cough” and asthma.

Less Stress

Many smokers reach for a cigarette when feeling tense or stressed. The immediate hit of nicotine after withdrawal may relax them, but smoking increases long-term stress levels. By quitting, you can manage the stressors in your life productively.

Younger Looking Skin

Smoking ages the skin, causing a dull, dry, and wrinkle-prone appearance. Nutrients are restored when you quit smoking, reversing the adverse effects. With time, your skin’s appearance should improve after successful hypnosis.


Hypnosis trains your subconscious mind to adopt healthier behaviours so that you can shed pounds with ease.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis has helped thousands of people just like you kick the nasty habit once and for all…

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