Rebecca O’Rourke

Consulting Hypnotist

Brief Info

Rebecca is a Certified Hypnotist from Hypnosis Training Canada, Certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists and an active member of Master Hypnosis Society. Certified in Neuro Linguistics Programming. Belonging to the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Rebecca is part of an leading international team of hypnotists that are dedicated to safe and effective hypnosis programs around the world. Her background in Social Services and experience allow her to teach you the skills you need to make positive change on a subconscious level.

About Us

At Kawartha Hypnosis we use ethical multi media Hypnosis programs that work! We provide a relaxing, confidential, fun and safe environment with programs that are specific to your needs. We are dedicated to helping people achieve their desired outcomes. Our customized programs will help you maximize your health and achieve your goals. We can help you with Hypnosis for quitting smoking, weight loss, reducing stress, increasing confidence, handling pain, improving sleep, getting past fears and breaking bad habits. We take away the risk by offering our service guarantee. As a member of the master hypnotist society and the national Guild of Hypnosis, our methods have helped thousands of people achieve their desired outcomes. Whether you would like to lose a certain amount of weight, fit into your old jeans or just feel your best, we can help you get there.

Educational and Work Background

I graduated high school in Fenelon Falls. The same little town our small Kawartha Hypnosis branch is located. I feel grateful every day for the beauty that surrounds us here on the Trent water system. I remember as a child watching the sunsets on the train bridge over the beautiful Cameron lake with my brother. Fishing on the lake and going through the lift locks is one of the last memories I have of my brother before the lake took his life in 2004. Watching the sunsets over Cameron Lake it’s still one of my greatest enjoyments. 

I attended college at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough ON where our main location of Kawartha Hypnosis is located. I graduated on the Deans List from the Social Service Worker program. Many young moms stated the program but there were only 2 of us that graduated together. I was determined to build a life for my young children. 

Immediately after graduation, I was hired to work for my local School Board. I served many roles in the board over many years. At one point my roll was Intermediate Student Success. Quite often I would be assigned to work with kids that had severe special needs. I received training and insights from some of our top local minds and agencies on Behaviour Management and how to implement various individual therapy plans like Speech and Physio. I designed and implemented the “Dove Sleepover” at many schools within my board over those years. This was a program that I created funded by Dove and school grants. The program was to help young girls (grade 7 & 8) build their self-esteem. Many of our local youth remember me fondly from these programs. I have taught kids to walk and talk when the doctors were not hopeful that could ever happen. 

Sometimes I feel like I have raised a village of kids. Not just my own. 

I have been active in my community over the years as a volunteer Sunday school teacher, volunteer firefighter, and we have been active in the hockey and sports community. Kawartha Hypnosis has raised food for the local food bank, Hypnosis for Hospice and a large bottle drive with physical distancing during COVID-19 to raise funds to buy PPE for local businesses attempting to reopen. I believe that the only way to receive is through giving. 

I took a leave from the School Board in 2014 as my health was deteriorating. The first doctor I went to see was a stomach doctor as I was vomiting every day. It turns out I was only vomiting because of the amount of neurological pain I was in. After that was 3 different neurologist that kept prescribing me medication that was hurting me. I couldn’t handle the effects of the meds. It’s a good thing because it turns out those meds are doing more damage than good for many 

people. I knew I had to get creative and find a better approach. Since then I have tried what feels like everything to cope with chronic severe neurological pain. I would get over 50 injections every 3 months of Botox in my head and neck to act as nerve blockers. I tried IV therapy, ostiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, surgery, Neurofeedback, acupuncture, naturopaths, and more! After all my experiences and learning curves I have learned that the key

lies in me. Proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, monitoring sensory input and just as importantly my mind frame. 

I came to Hypnosis to help with pain management but it has done so much more for me. Hypnosis has helped me have the tools to manage my neurological pain. As it escalates though the day I now have the tools through hypnosis to be self-aware and bring the pain back to a manageable place. Since then I have used hypnosis to quit smoking and for weight loss. I have lost over 80 pounds and it feels great!! Now I can see how I was hurting myself all those years. Now I find it easy to just enjoy eating healthy, exercising and making my needs important too. I didn’t even know what my needs truly were until I gained the ability to tap into my subconscious and do some discovery. The discovery was huge. I found myself! The real me! Now I am a Consulting Hypnotist certified in Neuro-Linguistics Programming. I belong to the National Guild of Hypnotists, the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and the Master Hypnotists Society. 

I have dedicated the rest of my life to enhancing my skills in hypnosis to help others. Rebecca’s qualifications:

  • Registered with the National Guild of Hypnosis 
  • Certified in Neuro Linguistics Programming 
  • Belonging to the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers 
  • Graduated on the Dean’s List from the Social Service Worker program at Fleming College 

Rebecca is part of a leading international team of hypnotists that are dedicated to safe and effective hypnosis programs around the world. Her background in Social Services and experience allow her to teach you the skills you need to make a positive change on a subconscious level.