Weight Loss Hypnosis

Are you tired of the pain and hassle of excess weight? Fed up with the diet roller coaster? Overcoming dieting and emotional eating can be challenging, but you are not alone. Many people find success with hypnosis after trying countless other weight loss options.

Hypnosis trains your subconscious mind to adopt healthier behaviours so that you can shed pounds with ease. Most clients experience fewer food cravings after one to three sessions and replace poor eating habits with healthy ones. These small changes compound, accelerating your progress helping you to feel and look better and better.

Our program offers monthly success classes because studies show that the most effective weight loss methods combine individual and group support. With our help, learn to think differently about your body, take the actions you know you need to take and get back to feeling your best.

Things you need:

1. The Right Plan

Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to start or what specific changes to make. Our weight loss program teaches you how to control your thought processes to avoid cravings or overeating. Imagine simply enjoying daily exercise and healthy food choices.

2. The Right Tools

Our hypnosis techniques are research-based and promote intense relaxation, which opens your mind to reprogramming. Afterwards, you may associate pleasure with eating less and being more active.

3. A Results Focus

Our weight loss program produces lasting results and a higher quality of living. Experience a new normal for how you eat and exercise alongside thousands of people who have found success and service guarantee in choosing Kawartha Hypnosis for their weight loss program.

Benefits of Weight Loss Hypnosis

No Weigh-ins

Many traditional weight loss programs use weigh-ins, which often cause embarrassment and shame. Instead, identify the unconscious thoughts that hold you back and work towards your goal in our supportive clinics.

Lasting Results

Some clients of traditional weight loss programs regain weight because their minds and emotions remain unchanged. As a result, their old cravings, habits, and tendencies may come back once all the rules and structure are gone. With hypnosis, a permanent mindset shift creates a new way of thinking for long-term success.

Motivation and Determination

Building resentment from avoiding unhealthy foods may diminish motivation and hinder your progress. Alternatively, use hypnosis to instill a deep desire in your mind to lose weight and minimize food triggers.

Considers Individual Differences

Each client has unique triggers and preferences, which your weight loss solution should reflect. At Kawartha Hypnosis, receive a personalized weight loss plan to reach your goals at your own pace.

No Calorie Counting or Prescribed Diet Plans

Sticking to prescribed diet plans triggers overeating for many clients. There is no need to count calories or eat unrealistic diets with hypnosis because it alters your mindset to follow a plan that works for you.

Losing weight shouldn’t feel like torture. Our approach to weight loss doesn’t require you to make major changes in your life or give up all the foods you love. There isn’t a strict meal plan or products to purchase. We create individual programs that are customized to each individual’s desired changes and goals. Our Weight Loss programs meet you where you’re at and help you get to where you want to be. Love the right foods and moving your body naturally.


Hypnosis trains your subconscious mind to adopt healthier behaviours so that you can shed pounds with ease.

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