4 Common Positive Intentions For Smoking

Have you ever been a smoker? Are you still among the dwindling clan of standing out in the cold, excusing yourself from enjoyable moments to have a cigarette, and an aroma that no one appreciates?

If you are a smoker or have ever been addicted to smoking you would know that it serves some type of positive intention for you. You know it’s bad for you. You may not even like the taste or smell of them. Yet you continue to want one. Do you know why that is?

We can ask the subconscious mind what that positive intention is and input new suggestions to replace the old behaviour with new desirable behaviours that meet the positive intention. That way our stop smoking clients don’t feel like they are missing anything when they quit smoking.

The positive intention is different for each client. However, there are some patterns that we have been seeing at the clinic.

  1. Alone time – Many of the parents with younger kids are not taking the time for themselves that they need. This is quiet time doing something you enjoy or even just still quietness. We need to recharge our batteries or our subconscious will communicate and come up with possibly undesirable ways to meet this need. We have had a number of clients come in to quit smoking cigars at night. They were using cigars for this very reason.
  2. Social interaction or sense of belonging – if you are a smoker then you know you can always just go to the smoking area and meet new people. After all, the people standing in the cold outside of the job or function must have some sense of adventure right? The culture of smokers is often a friendly one and can sometimes be missed. We have even heard clients say that they will feel like they are giving up their best friend. This connection should be a human connection not a harmful substance. We work with our clients to come up with new outcomes to meet the needs that they are missing.
  3. Environmental programming – monkey see! Monkey do! We are all just working off an automatic subconscious program. We were programmed at a young age from all the input we received around us. Your subconscious program is what tells you to breathe, walk, sneeze when dust is in your nose and anything else you don’t have to think about. It is also the place where we do automatic things that we have learned over time like driving, eating or any activity you have practiced a lot. Have you ever been driving home, ended up in your driveway and wondered where the last eight blocks went? It was like the route just disappeared? That is a hypnosis like state. We show our clients how to break out of old unwanted programming and simply take action in a new way.
  4. Rebel a little – it’s time to grow up and stop rebelling against your parents. I mean that with love in my heart. Our clients with this intention usually come to a realization that they have been doing everything in life the way their parents wanted. All their big decisions were based on their parents approval. It can be a life-changing Epiphany when clients realize this and learn how to separate themselves. They start living the lives of their dreams and not someone else’s. Smoking can be the subconscious communicating to do something someone doesn’t approve of. Letting go of that need for approval also lets go of the need to rebel.

These are just four common positive intentions that we have been seeing a lot of lately. It is a myth that smokers don’t care about their body. We have met some very healthy, active smokers that have interest in sports, nutrition and health care. They do care about their bodies and health. Once they learn the positive intention behind why they keep smoking, it becomes easy to do things differently. When you get to the root of the problem it is easier to fix rather than masking the symptoms with willpower.

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