Top 5 Emotional reasons people eat 5 Emotional reasons people eat

  1. Boredom/ Adventure
  2. Comfort /Stress
  3. Social
  4. Lack of sleep, nutrition, exercise or water
  5. Rebellion

I think we have all eaten for an emotional reason at sometime in our life. Most of us have had the experience when we were younger of our parents comforting us with food. A lollypop from the doctors after you get a needle, maybe you fell down and hurt yourself and was comforted with food. Perhaps somewhere along the way someone told you ice cream was good for a break up? Although these are loving, caring gestures, they are not truly what we need and they have given us bad habits to grow up with. Eating for emotional reasons can cause you harm in the long run. We teach our clients how to reprogram new beliefs around food and how to go to what they really need instead of covering it up. It really is a relief for some people to know that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Yes weight loss and eating right can feel right by changing your beliefs around food and nutrition.

  1. We experience adventure through our senses. Our subconscious will registrar adventure through what you see, smell, hear, taste and feel. We as humans need this stimulation on a daily basis. Some people spend way too much time thinking in the logical mind and not enough time being in the moment. The balance between thinking and doing needs to be greater on the action side and less on the thought processes. Seeking out other sensory experiences will help. Your subconscious will registrar adventure through eating because it is an activity that happens in your senses. So instead of going to food, pay attention to what you see, hear, smell and feel in the moment. 
  1. You have all heard of comfort food before. The problem with comfort food is that it’s a mind trick. It doesn’t actually make you feel more comfortable. Often people have a pattern or a learned behavior from their childhood that links a bad mood with junk food. I actually know from experience that a chocolate bar doesn’t make you feel better. It’s the story you tell yourself that does. Sugar and other stimulants in food can trigger a chemical response in your body that can simulate pleasure. This is the trick that it plays on you. The sugar actually heightens the nervous system making things worse overall. There are other ways that trigger the same happy chemical responses in the body without the harmful underlying effects. Things like exercise, a hug, or self hypnosis.
  1. Ever notice how food brings people together? It’s the one thing we all have in common. We all need to eat. That commonality allows people to bond over something. Wine drinkers stick with other wine drinkers, beer drinkers are drawn together and bond over a case of beer. Sugar eaters are drawn to other sweet loving individuals and salty chip lovers bond over the crunch. While it is great to connect with like minded individuals, food and beverage are not the best topics to bond over for your overall health and wellbeing. Instead connect with others that have the same hobbies as you. If you don’t have any hobbies you should get one or two. 
  1. We have very basic human needs and when these needs aren’t being met, the subconscious will find less desirable ways to meet those needs. Exercise is a good way to curb the appetite, It is a myth that exercise makes you hungry. It actually works the opposite. When we don’t get enough exercise, the body is detecting hunger more than it needs to. Technically our body doesn’t need food, it needs nutrition.  Most people mistake thirst for hunger. Half the time you think you’re hungry, you just need a glass of water. Also when sleep is deprived, the subconscious will trigger an eating response because it wants energy that doesn’t exist yet.
  1. Are you the type of person that would do the exact opposite of what your parents told you to do? Have you had the experience where someone tells you to do something you don’t like so you find a way to hurt yourself instead of them? Maybe you have seen or know someone else that likes to play the “devils advocate”? You say “black” they say “white”. You say “up” so they say “down”, so you say “ok. down then” and they say “no! Up”. There are many people out there that eat the foods they know they shouldn’t eat simply because they want whatever they can’t or shouldn’t have