Love A Proactive Routine

There are two ways of going through life, either you are proactive or reactive. When we live in a reactive way it’s similar to just rolling with the punches. You may be resourceful in the way you react but the reality is you could have avoided a lot of pain by living life from this proactive point of view. A lot of our Weight Loss clients need assistance on how to love a proactive routine here are some great beginning steps


Start your day with a practice of gratitude. With 250 million pieces of data coming at you and every second we can only pay attention to 150 of those pieces. When you pay attention to what you are grateful for your worries and stresses just sort of slip away.


Get an hour of exercise each and every day. Find an exercise that you enjoy. Daily exercise is essential for our energy.


Schedule 7 to 10 hours of sleep a night. A good night’s sleep is essential for our overall well-being.


Meal planning and prep. Creating a routine for your meals helps keep you on track and allows you to hold yourself accountable. Taking the time to be proactive in preparing healthy snacks and meals makes it easy to make the right choice even in hard times. meal planning and prep should be done on a weekly and a daily basis. Having a list going into the grocery store can help Planning your meals for the day in the morning allows you to stick to the choices you know you want.


Our brain thrives off of consequence and reward. After you were done planning your meals for the day make sure to schedule some reward for sticking to that plan. If you were used to using food as a reward, come up with three new healthy choices. Small daily rewards can be things like a bubble bath, quiet time with a cup of tea, a ride on your motorcycle or anything else you enjoy that is rewarding and good for you.

You can schedule a treat once in a while in your meal plan. Know that your treat is because you choose it, not because it chose you. This makes it easy to say “no” when the staff room or kitchen is full of junk food from other people.

Make time for self-care. This includes the time that you may need to mentally transition yourself from one activity to the next. In our lives we often wear many hats taking on several roles in a day. Having rituals and routines to help us transition from one roll to the next, allows us to keep the state of mind that matches that role.


Double check that your basic needs are being met in your schedule. Sleep, nutrition, exercise, adventure and romance are all basic human needs. Ensure these are all getting attention in your routine or your subconscious will find other ways to meet these basic needs that may be less desirable.

In the beginning you have to choose your routine. Stick to it like it’s a lifeline. Before you know it your choices will seem easy and effortless. It will become second nature to just know exactly what you need and make sure you have it in your life.

My name is Rebecca O”Rourke. I am a Consulting Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner. I am the Director of Kawartha Hypnosis. For years we have been helping people make shifts and changes in their life so they can feel their best. I would love to hear from you. For more information please go to Or you can find us on Facebook at