4 Tips to Bust Stress

Perhaps a world pandemic, relationship problems, or feeling a loss is getting you down and out right now?

I am here to show you four tips for stress management. What can you do to get your mind out of fear and feeling more resourceful? We have 250 million pieces of data coming at us every second and we can only pay attention to 150 of those pieces. Let me show you four things that you can do at home to help yourself transition to a more resourceful thought pattern.

Tip Number one in stress control is change physiology first. Thinking can become a trap and the best way out is to move your body. Examples of things that you can do at home to instantly change your body chemistry are jumping jacks, skip, jog on the spot, juggle, pick up an instrument, sing, dance, …… well you get the idea.

Tip number two is get out of your head and into your senses! Some great ways to do that are through music, taste, aromatherapy, visual imagery and physical touch. We know that music can help you choose your state of mind. Choose calming music if the outcome is to destress. partnered with some natural fragrances and perhaps a warm bubble bath on your skin, overloading your senses is a sure fire way to put your mind and body in a healthier place.

The next step is to ensure that your nervous system gets to take a break each and everyday! Stress causes our brain to trigger fight and flight mode. It will stay this way until you reassure your subconscious mind that everything is OK. Some of the best ways to shift out of fight and flight and then to rest and relax are through progressive relaxation, meditation and most effectively using self hypnosis.

Progressive relaxation is from textbook psychology. You flex and release each muscle in your body starting at either the top or the bottom and work your way in the opposite direction flexing and releasing each muscle one at a time.

A great meditation you could try is similar to the progressive relaxation, only we keep our bodies still and use our imagination. In a comfortable place close your eyes and locate your root chakra between your legs. Take three deep breath‘s in and out slowly while focusing on this area. Next move up to the sacral chakra below your belly button focusing your attention there taking three more slow deep breaths. Next is the solar plexus breathing in and out three times, then the heart chakra at your chest, moving up to your throat breathing in and out three times. With your attention on your third eye breathing in calm and breathing out relaxation three times. Last is the crown chakra at the top of your head. Breathing in and out focusing on this area. Continue moving down the back in the same locations breathing in and out three times moving back down the chakras ending with the root again. By the time you’re done with this exercise you will be in a state of rest and relax.

Self Hypnosis can be the most powerful tool of all for stress control if done correctly. Not only does it change your physical chemistry, but it allows you to move forward feeling and behaving the way you want to naturally and freely. When you can get yourself into a deep state of relaxation and offer yourself the suggestions you need in an effective way this becomes a powerful tool to get you where you want to be. Feeling great no matter what is going on around you. Some people choose to use theta binary beats to complement their Self Hypnosis experience.

The last tip today is a thought for you to ponder. What if I told you the opposite of fear is faith? I don’t necessarily mean religion as there are a lot of rules and judgement in religion. I mean the thing that all religions have in common. Faith means knowing it’s going to be OK even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. Faith is finding the lessons in each and every situation good or bad.

I hope you found these tips useful if you would like more information or need any feedback on the topics of stress control or self-hypnosis please reach out to me either by email at kawarthahypnosis@gmail.com or by phone at 705-243-4925. Move your body, get into your senses, have faith, and take the time for rest and relax each and every day.