10 Things Naturally Thin People Do

When we model somebody else it isn’t about them being better than us or them being right and us being wrong or even that they are more successful in any way. We know that everybody is good at some things and nobody is good at everything. By knowing this we can look to the people that have already mastered the things that we want to be good at and let them guide us in the right direction. If you desire to be thin then take a moment and think about who you know that is naturally fit and trim. What do they do that you can model to achieve a fit body yourself?

Here are 10 things naturally thin people do. (McFall Publishing Inc. Master Hypnotist Society)

  • Have a self image of being thin and energetic.
  • Be physically mobile to develop muscle that burns fat.
  • Like yourself. Have self esteem.
  • Control emotions and stress. Handle adversity without using food as a buffer.

Habit eating is similar to Pavlov’s dog theory, salivating Upon hearing the ring of a bell. People, places, or environmental influences affect your desire to eat

5. Eat in a specified place.

6. Only eat when eating.

7. Keep serving dishes off the table.

8. Leave the table when done eating.

9. Eat and chew slowly, deliberately tasting every bite.

10. Understand their body’s relationship with food and exercise.

Think thin therefore be thin.